Curriculum for ECEC teacher training at the university level

This output is aimed at implementing the new subject “STEAM for sustainability” into the ECEC teachers’ training.

This output will produce three different results:
Pilot projects: implementing the new curriculum in preschools along with the trainings organized by project partners for local teachers;
The recommendations for policy makers, preschool managers and stakeholders – disseminating the idea of STEAM for sustainability education for youngsters – it is highly important to include these ideas in the national core-curriculum and provide teachers with didactic resources as well as financial support for developing the sustainability competences in young children;
Curriculum for preservice: teacher training (syllabus, mini-lectures and other didactic materials) will be produced as a consolidation of all experiences and feedback collected during pilot projects.
During the first phase the partners will design and conduct a series of workshops, real-life learning experiences for local teachers. In this action the different partners can involve the teachers, academic professors, students of the course for preprimary and primary school teachers (preservice teachers) that have been trained during the IO2. The main goal is to prepare local teachers for the pilot projects, although the final online course could be available for more teachers willing to take part.

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