Repository of Sustainability Learning Activities

The Repository is home to practical learning resources that are designed to help teachers identify the strengths in their existing practice regarding sustainability skills and how to teach them.

As part of the Repository’s development, researchers carried out focus group interviews with more than 40 Early Childhood Educators in order to design a genuine support for teachers, student teachers and parents who are curious about supporting children in developing sustainability skills.
The analyzed data from the focus groups shows that teachers don’t need more paperwork or more lists to complete and boxes to check. However, teachers welcome a clear and simple repository composed of accessible, attractive and adaptable learning resources that can help identify teachable moments to support sustainability skills.
In order to be accessible to as many users as possible, the repository is systematically designed so that each learning resource can act as a stand alone activity and also as part of a learning path. Moreover, teachers can use the resources to design and deliver learning paths of their own.
The Repository motivates, inspires, supports and instills confidence without oversimplifying the complexity of Sustainability.

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