How to take care of plants?


How to take care of plants?

Authors: P. Chudyba, M. Graca
Mentor: Dr K. Szewczuk

Overall aims:

  • Raising awareness about the reuse of items/ resource and the wise use of what nature offers;
  • Developing fine motor skills;
  • Developing awareness of the beauty of nature and possibilities of taking care of it.

Intended learning outcomes:

The child will be able to:

  • Know how much garbage a person produces and how long it takes to decompose;
  • Create a watering can from a recycled plastic bottle;
  • Explain in his own words how a watering can made of a plastic bottle works;
  • Explain how a watering can helps regenerate natural system of environment;
  • Plant seedlings in the ground;
  • Explain what a plant needs to grow.


Initial Planting the seedlings of strawberries in a preschool garden. Conversation about the amount of waste produced by humans, the their consequences and possibilities of recycling/reusing

Ongoing Described in each scenario

Final – Using the watering can produced from a recycled bottle in a preschool garden

Pathway structure

Stage I – Ecological and Social pillars

The use of strawberry seedlings to making children aware of the possibilities offered by nature and the necessity to take care of it properly.

Stage II – Ecological, economical and social pillars

Showing the possibility of reusing plastic bottles to create watering cans. Observing how the watering can works. Paying attention to the amount of human-generated garbage – discussing the concept of recycling

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