Preschool Curriculum “Outdoor STEAM for sustainability”

The objective is to prepare the methodological part (the How) of a curriculum “STEAM outdoor education for sustainability” with guidelines for teachers for effective implementation at the kindergarten level.

The Preschool curriculum “STEAM outdoor education for sustainability” will consist of 4 parts:
1. Theoretical introduction explaining the concepts of STEAM education and education for sustainability as well as the internal links between these ideas, and their importance for preschoolers development;
2. Aims of introducing STEAM outdoor activities into preschool education along with the matrix of STEAM skills/abilities important in early childhood. The links between the presented curriculum and national core-curricula will be explained here;
3. Description of STEAM outdoor activities structured in the form of learning pathways and modules;
4. Methodological guidelines for teachers explaining the possibilities of effective implementation of presented materials in preschool practice. The curriculum will be designed as a supplementary material for teachers to choose from and adjust to their regular work, grounded in the national core-curriculum.

Learning Community

A Learning Community will be set up to conduct workshops and training to test, evaluate and improve the results carried out.

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