Manual for teacher training “STEAM and Sustainability at the preschool”

The Manual will be addressed to teacher trainers and researchers at Universities, and will explain how to implement the subject of “STEAM and Sustainability” at the preschool to ECEC professional training.

The Manual for future teachers’ training will be designed and published as a complementary material to the syllabus designed in IO3, providing the backgrounds for a blended-learning course at the university level.
The manual can be used either to implement the new subject at Bachelor level or as a supplementary material to the existing module related to the new content. In both case however, the Manual will be designed as a material for blended-learning experience for pre-service teachers allowing them:
– for sensorial, real-life experiences of STEAM and sustainability ideas by participating in experiments, games and challenges, and then
– following the self-paced online course designed in IO4 to enrich their conceptual knowledge and didactic competences.
One of the important aim of blended-learning experience will concentrate on self-regulated learning skills development in future teachers to prepare them to develop similar competences in young children. The structure of the manual will include:
1. Theoretical backgrounds – explaining the origins of STEAM and sustainability education for youngsters as inquiry based learning aiming to shape children’s scientific thinking skills. The matrix of STEAM skills and abilities for preschool children will be included here presenting the developmental values of early STEM experiences. The particular emphasis will be put on explaining the 3 pillars of sustainability and their internal relations – to prevent future educators for simplistic and superficial approach to sustainability as ecology. The 3 dimension of sustainability, environmental, social and economical, will be then addressed in activities description. The matrix of sustainability didactic competences of teachers will be provided to demonstrate the content of fitter teachers’ training requirements and procedures.
2. Learning content – mini-lectures, experiments and activities for pre-service teachers will be described in the form of learning pathways
3. Recommended readings for students – a comprehensive list of articles and books which can be used as references for the blended course.

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