Online course for educators

To introduce STEAM for sustainability into ECEC pre-service teacher trainings in partners’ universities, an online course will be developed.

The course also aims at the development of digital skills and competences of pre-service and in-service teachers.
The course will be delivered at the university level both as a curricular course and as an independent course.
The online course will be the last output realized during the project, so all the results that will come from the other PRs will lay the basis for its design. The contents will come mainly from the previous PRs, both in terms of existing resources and of learning and teaching experiences run, for example, during the pilot.
Having in mind the variety of lessons learnt and potential contents, a selection of the most effective and interesting ones (following evaluations by stakeholders during the pilots in PR3, multiplier events, etc.) will be carried out. Nevertheless, we assume that the partnership will have many materials to use and to spread, so that the course will be designed to offer educators and teachers (and parents) the possibility to choose specific sections.
The course will be designed to guarantee engagement in the trainees; based on the technique of the User Centered Design, following a constructivist approach and active learning methods.

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