Workshop 1 – Description

Workshop Description


STEAM approach in education for sustainability


The aims of the workshop are:

  • presenting the ideas of developing STEAM competences in activities with preschool children;
  • presenting the results of the KidsLabforSustainability project;
  • encouraging educators to design their own materials in education for sustainability.

What to expect?

During the workshop, participants will be able to learn and practically test various methods (i.e. challenge, experiment) used in order to develop STEAM competences in preschool children. Participants will be able to take on an engineering challenge requiring the use of scientific and critical thinking, creatively design and test their own vehicle, meet a challenge requiring effective communication and cooperation, and conduct scientific experiments with water.

Expected learning results

  • Gaining knowledge about STEAM competences;
  • learning the methods used in STEAM education (experiment, challenge);
  • acquiring skills in designing STEAM activities for preschool children for sustainability.


Materials Needed

Plastic bottles, egg containers, cardboard, adhesive tape, plastic caps, skewers, paper straws, plasticine, aluminum foil, measuring tape, 4 jars, water, 3 balls of different sizes and weights, paper cups (30 pieces), string , sheets of paper (approx. 50), books (10).

Number of participant


The educator/teacher - Biographic note


Barbara Surma

Prof. Barbara Surma is an academic teacher employed at UIK since 1999. She is an expert in Maria Montessori's pedagogy (she worked for 21 years in a Montessori kindergarten). Research interests focus on the development of skills, Montessori pedagogy, education and peace, multiculturalism. She has extensive experience in international cooperation.

Irmina Rostek

Irmina Rostek, PhD is a psychologist interested in is developmental psychology. For 25 years she has been involved in academic work and projects aimed at supporting the development of children and youth

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